ERIC JACKSON Professional Kayaker


Professional Kayaker

Eric's athletic accolades are like none other in the sport of whitewater kayaking. He is a 4 time world champion, Olympian, World Cup and Pre-World Champion (2 times), and has over a hundred wins under his belt in many disciplines. Freestyle, Extreme Racing, Slalom and Boatercross have been dominated for decades by EJ. First making the USA Team for Slalom kayaking in 1989, he has earned his spot on Team USA every year since then to the present day. Wanting to expand his reach and influence on the sport he began designing kayaks with David Knight in 1992 and has seen close to 100 different kayak designs become launched into production and sold worldwide. EJ first designed for another company, before starting Jackson Kayak in 2004. Jackson Kayak is the largest seller of both whitewater and fishing kayaks in the world today.

Being in the sport of kayaking one of EJ's biggest feats is raising two kids, Emily and Dane. Both are world champions and have made names for themselves in the sport. Dane is also a Casio Pro Trek Brand Ambassador. You can find EJ and family traveling from river to river, event to event in his RV from March to October as well as just about any continent sometime in between! Casio Pro Trek Watches are powered with CASIO Technology.