The construction of this new PRW-6100 Series model for the PRO TREK digital-analog combination lineup uses materials that is selected to enhance PRO TREK level usability.



Triple Sensor, Ver.3

Miniature built-in sensors take highly accurate readings of direction, atmospheric pressure/temperatures and altitudes and indicate the measurement values with an analogue hand and LCD. They detect changes in natural phenomena immediately to support users in making appropriate responses.

Tough Solar

This proprietary CASIO solar-powered battery-recharging system assures stable operation of various power-hungry functions, including dial lighting, alarms, stopwatches and measurement functions.

Multi Band 6

This radio-controlled timekeeping technology can receive standard time-calibration signals from all 6 transmission stations worldwide and correct the time for the North American, European, Chinese and Japanese regions.

Smart Access

Smart Access equipped combination model offers easy control by quick-lock crown over operations such as altitude measurement correction and alarm setting. Trouble-free time setting can also be conducted simply by pulling out, rotating and pushing in the crown.

Auto Light Switch

For quick, easy data confirmation, even in the dark or with both hands occupied. You need both hands for many outdoor activities, and you don't always have one free to illuminate your watch face in low-light conditions. The Auto Light Switch solves this problem by illuminating the light whenever you turn your wrist to bring the watch into the viewing position.

Double LED Lights / Neobrite

A pair of LED lights provides bright illumination for the hands and LCD. Phosphorescence is applied to the time indications and hour and minute hands, moreover, to assure visibility in the dark.

STN LCD Panel [PRW-6100]

Display visibility has been improved by adoption of a dot matrix STN LCD panel. A hand retraction function is also installed to prevent overlapping hands from obstructing the LCD in the Timekeeping mode by temporarily retracting the hands from above the LCD.

Hand-retracting Function

This function temporarily retracts the watch’s hands to prevent them from blocking measurement results when the hands overlap the LCD in the measurement mode.

Auto Hand Home Position Correction

Detects and confirms the positions of the hands once every hour.

Hybrid Mount Construction

In the unlikely event that a hand has slipped, it is returned to the proper position automatically.

Barometric Pressure Tendency Graph

Barometric Pressure Tendency Information Alarm

100-meter Water Resistance

Low-temperature Resistant (–10°C/14°F)


Dual-layered Bezel

A double-layered bezel structure comprising an aluminium ring and stainless steel bezel is adopted. The aluminium ring is set off by an attractive accent color.

Large Direct Button & Crown

A large direct button takes highly accurate direction and altitude measurements with a single push. A screw-lock mechanism is adopted for the crown to prevent erroneous operation.

Slim Case & Wide Face Design

Although loaded with multiple functions, the case has been successfully held down to a slim 12.8mm in thickness. City codes are engraved on the bezel, moreover, with the time indications extended to the cut-off point and the face widened compared to earlier models.